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Volunteer Workers Information

Learn all about fruit tree maintenance & picking

In addition to our family and small crew of dedicated local staff to keep our farm operating seasonally we host some WWOOF and Help X volunteers. We look for volunteers who are willing to work with us to the best of their ability. We believe this promotes a positive working environment that supports our organic family business while ensuring volunteers have a positive farm experience. We host volunteer workers who are requiring full time regional placements for their second year Visa. Volunteers are supplied with food and accommodation in return for a set number of volunteer working hours. If you are interested in joining us specific seasonal tasks on our farm are explained in more detail below. This is a brief outline of what is required of volunteers should they wish to stay. They will be working inside chicken housing, pack house facilities and outdoors. Appropriate clothing and footwear must be worn at all times for your comfort and safety. Daily temperatures in our climate range from 40 degrees C in summer to 10 degrees C in winter. Raincoats can be supplied if required. You will be required to help with some of these tasks: Orchard: Fruit picking, fruit thinning, fruit bin maintenance, netting fruit trees, irrigation maintenance. Chicken’s: Feeding chickens, feeding working dogs, collecting chickens eggs, cleaning chicken houses, driving manual work vehicles. Packhouse: Fruit packing & sorting, lifting and stacking boxes of fruit, cleaning. Organic Orchard & Farm Maintenance tasks: Picking season for our fruit is from early February until the start of June. Please refer to our Seasonal Fruit list for which varieties are harvested when: February: Plums – Fortune, Tegan Blue Apples – Royal Gala, Galaxy Peaches – O’Henry March:  Apples – Hi Early Delicious, Golden Delicious, Fuji, Granny Smith Plums – Angelino Pears – Gold Rush Nashi – Kosui, Nijisseiki April / May: Persimmon – Fuyu Apples – Pink Lady, Sundowner