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Organic Fruit

In our orchard we grow a variety of fruit from apples, pears, plums and nashi which are available in summer, autumn and winter. The organic pastures under our trees are managed holistically with organic mineral fertilizers, compost and compost teas to enhance soil health. Organic liquid fertilizer and Bio-dynamic preparations are applied seasonally, both foliar and via irrigation to maintain high nutritional tree health and to stimulate soil microbial activity. Our orchard is Certified Organic through AUS-QUAL. (AQ610048) To ensure the freshness of our fruit after harvest it’s stored in our Packhouse cool stores until it’s packed and delivered, by refrigerated transport, to our market agents and retailers. To purchase our fruit in season you can find our organic fruit in selected local WA independent stores and selected large retail stores Australia wide. Please refer to our Seasonal Fruit list for which varieties are harvested when.


Plums – Fortune, Angelino, Tegan Blue Apples - Royal Gala, Galaxy Peaches – O’Henry


Apples – Hi Early Delicious, Golden Delicious, Fuji, Granny Smith Pears - Gold Rush Nashi - Kosui, Nijisseiki Persimmon - Fuyu


Apples - Pink Lady, Sundowner